Huawei’s new OS

    Huawei’s new OS just launched a few days ago named as Harmony OS 2.0.  It was unveiled on 9 August 2019 as an open source micro-kernel based distributed operating system. The new OS came in life when US banned trade with Huawei. Huawei has been developing this in house operating system since 2012. But since the market was in full competition between Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android OS, the Harmony OS did not see the market.

    Who is Huawei?

    Many People know Huawei as a smartphone company. But Smartphone just a part of its business. Huawei is a world leading company in telecommunications networks. Headquartered at Shenzhen, China. It produces telecommunications equipment with consumer electronic such as smartphones. Its telecommunications supply chain is so large that many countries use its equipment for their main telecommunication system. The equipment consists of products like Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), DSL, Passive Optical Network (PON), broadband access, routers, Switches, modems, set top boxes and many more.

    In the past Huawei started as carrier based network company which then expanded its business to Data Centers, storage products, and consumer based products like smartphones, wearables etc.

    US-China Trade War

    Trade war

    Government backs almost all of the companies in China. Chinese policy bounds these companies although being private. This was the main focus for United States as most of the telecommunication devices in use were manufactured by these Chinese company which could become a threat to US regarding cyber security. Also Huawei’s trade union committee is registered All-China Federation of Trade Unions which is controlled by Chinese Communist Party. US took it as a serious concern regarding security. As a result US banned not only Huawei but many other Chinese Products. The reason was announced as China’s alleged unfair trade practice and the trade war started in July 2018.

    How new Operating System started?

    Huawei new phone

    The US President Trump gave an executive order to ban Huawei on May, 2019. This also made clear that Huawei cannot have deals with US based companies in any project. But Android OS is open source project meaning it’s free for all to use. But Huawei could not use Google Services which is regarded as core features of an android device. This is the reason how Harmony OS was unveiled. Huawei had been working on this OS for a long time which meant shifting from Android to Harmony was not much difficult. But the market is full of IOS and Android which means competition with these two giants is going to be very challenging.

    How good is Huawei’s new OS?

    Huawei Phone maps

    After its launch of version 2.0, it seems Huawei is keenly focused on its home grown OS. Various devices like Smartphones, smart watches, cars, smart TVs and many Internet of things devices can use same OS. It can be very helpful for a user who have all these devices. Using same OS on multiple type of devices means connection between these can be very easy and user friendly. User may no need to worry about data transfers and using its services. This is the major play which can lead the new OS to its Success. Moreover it is also an open source. Also Huawei says that the applications running on android can also run on Harmony OS with ease or with few changes. This also means developer no need to focus on building application for Huawei specific devices which is a win-win situation for both parties.  

    Can Huawei’s Harmony OS Survive?

    Huawei last

    Although recent world smartphone sales statistics shows Huawei in No. 1 spot. It is mostly due to the pandemic going on around the world. But the world is slowly disregarding the situation and continuing on the tech field is going to be more competitive. With two giants already there, Huawei has to focus mainly on improvement of the new OS and smartphone sales. It is a great company with great innovations. Huawei also manufactures its own chips. The KIRIN 970 was first AI computing platform with dedicated NPU. Many features used in smartphones were its own invention which was then followed by other brands. So the future seems quite good for the company. Maybe the new OS could make three way rivalry in the smartphone market.

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