CodeIgniter Tutorial Introduction | Part-1

    CodeIgniter is an open source web application framework for PHP scripting language. It is a PHP programming language driven framework which take cares of most of the complex procedure and function.It contains libraries, helpers, plug-ins and other resources which automates and fastens web development. CodeIgniter tutorial series is going to be interesting as time passes by.

    CodeIgniter was first developed by EllisLab on 2006 Feb 28. Later on British Columbia Institute of technology managed this project from 2014-2019 and now CodeIgniter Foundation manages project.

    PHP Echo

    CodeIgniter maintains high performance as all heavy lifting is done by framework. It simplifies PHP syntax. It provides skeleton for website and web developer can easily add flesh and blood to it.

    Some of the features of CodeIgniter are

    1. it is open source and simple to configure and customize as needed
    2. it is simple and user friendly
    3. it is easy to  migrate server
    4. it provides built-in resources and libraries to programmers so they don’t have to work hard
    5. Secure, dynamic and effective web applications can be built in short time

    For whom this post is for?


    CodeIgniter tutorial is especially for all people who are interested in web page development using PHP programming language.

    CodeIgniter can be handy skill for people seeking career in IT industry.

    Covid-19 pandemic situation has effected all the job holders as well as freelancers. Many people have lost their regular jobs but it has not affected IT industry and freelancers working on IT field.

    Job career in IT industry is increasing day by day and every business, fields are being digitalize.Most of hotels and grocery mart are already available on e-commerce platform.

    There are many hotels and businesses which need to be on online platform in near future. So learning this CodeIgniter tutorial series will be handy skill for future.

    This post if for them who wants to make career as freelancer. Learning PHP and CodeIgniter is not hard.

    Anyone can learn it as much he/she has learning intention. Codeignter will be first step on earning as a freelancer.

    What will readers learn from this tutorial series?

    I will give simple to advanced concept on using CodeIgniter framework. It will provide all required concepts for web development using CodeIgniter.

    You will how to configure, design and create your first project with CodeIgniter. You will be able to do user registration, login and post creation.

    Don’t forget to comment down what you expect from me in the future. Have a good day ahead.

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