Singapore Becomes the First Country to Implement Facial Verification

    Singapore becomes the first country to implement facial verification for both the private and government sectors. The government will use Facial verification technology to integrate with the country digital identity scheme SingPass (Singapore Personal Access)

    Singapore government has become the first country to use cloud-based verification to secure the identity of people who are using SingPass.

    Before moving forward, I think I’ve to explain facial verification related question.

    What is facial verification?

    facial verification
    facial verification

    Facial verification is the process of confirming that your physical face matches with the one in the ID document, and you are a real one. You know that system is comparing your face with the facial datasets. You choose to verify it.

    Why do we need facial verification?

    mobile facial verification
    mobile facial verification

    We need facial verification for the online security purpose. Facial verification ensures a real person is using the online system.

    Your unique physical face is the most secure way of confirming your online identity. In that way, facial verification will assure you, and only you have access to your account.

    password security
    password security

    Security passwords can be shared or stolen and hard to remember when you have to use different accounts. Using the same password across different social account increase the risk of your account breach. Only facial verification ensures that you are the legal holder of the ID document.

    Singapore begins facial verification trials

    Singapore has already used facial verification in the Singapore tax office and one major Singapore bank DBS to open an online bank account.

    face id app
    face id app
    alipay app
    alipay app

    Many banking apps support “Apple Face ID”, “Google’s Face Unlock”, for verification & China’s Alipay has “Smile to Pay app.”

    Singapore will use facial verification system in businesses, airports, and even in an educational institute. Universities, college, the institute will use facial verification to verify that the real person gives the exam.

    Senior director of Digital identity at GovTech (Government Technology Agency) Kwok Quek Sin said: “We don’t restrict how digital face verification can be used as long as it complies government requirement”.

    It will allow SingPass holders to access 180 e-government and the private sector by bypassing the need for a password.

    With this, Singapore becomes the first country to implement facial verification

    People will be able to login to account by scanning their faces. GovTech began to trial the process to use biometric verification earlier.

    Tender to iProov Company

    U.K. company iProov has got tender agreement from the Singapore GovTech agency to provide facial verification. iProov Genuine Presence Assurance technology can recognize if the face is of an actual person or not, i.e. anyone can’t bypass system with photo and video.

    iProov’s face verification technology, system place your images behind a privacy firewall and are subject to strict General Data Protection Regulation rules. GDPR ensures requiring the consent of subjects for data protection, providing data breach notifications, safely handling the transfer of data across borders, etc.

    With iProov, Singapore becomes the first country to implement facial verification.

    How is facial verification different from facial recognition?

    Both processes often take together and are used interchangeably, and it is matching a face in existing facial datasets. Facial verification and facial recognition appear similar but have a different meaning to it. Both are based on artificial intelligence. Facial verification will use your consent at first like it is going to scan your face, but facial recognition review your face without any permission.

    The system uses facial verification to verify you, and only you have access. Facial verification ensures that you are a legal owner of an ID document.

    CCTV Camera with facial recognition system
    CCTV Camera with facial recognition system

    However, facial recognition is used together with CCTV cameras to scan for criminals across the train station, airports, and other transportation media.

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